Are you going to build your own blockchain?

In the short term there is no necessity for us to do that. In the longer term, as the user population increases, we expect we will need to have our own purpose-built blockchain. If that proves to be the case we will choose to base our base our blockchain on an open source blockchain that … Continued

Why is Data Algebra important?

Data Algebra makes a significant contribution in two areas. First it helps in the management of metadata at scale. This is a problem we will encounter as the user population grows. Secondly it provides an important ability to accelerate queries which will also prove useful when we need to scale to accommodate many millions of … Continued

How do we prevent click fraud?

We minimize the possibility of click fraud by making it very difficult to establish a false identity. We implement a self-sovereign approach to identity, so that a user establishes their identity with reference to other identity information that already exists (linked-In profile, facebook profile, amazon profile, twitter profile, on-line accounts) as well as credentials they … Continued

What is the Algebraix roadmap?

Mobile Web – June External Campaign Portal – July Incentivized Virality – August Token Live – August Support Uploaders – September PSV – Transaction Signin -September PSV – Data Querying – November Campaign Targeting – 2019 Reviews and Likes – 2019 External REST API – 2019 In App Filtering – 2019 Data source integration – … Continued

How is my data secure?

We encrypt all data when we store it or when we move it. For user data we implement a public key/private key infrastructure using AES 256. The private key is known only to the user. Data is stored on the user’s device – in a fully decentralized way. If one individual’s data was compromised it … Continued

Why not use dollars instead of your own cryptocurrency?

There are many reasons for this. Perhaps the easiest to understand is that it is not economic to conduct micropayments (e.g. payments of amounts less than a dollar) in dollars through any existing commercial channels. In a cryptocurrency, using well selected technology, managing payments of even a few cents can be economic. Our business model … Continued

What is the Algebraix mission?

Our mission is to end data exploitation and empower individuals to control and manage their own data. We seek to facilitate trust between advertisers and consumers, enabling consumers to monetize their personal data while delivering improved ROI to advertisers.