When will I get my ALX tokens?

ALX token totals displayed in the app during Phase 2 of the beta test have exactly the same value as real ALX tokens, but have not been delivered to your wallet. Within 30 days of the end of the beta test period, the ALX token you accumulated in Phase 2 will be delivered to the … Continued

What are the rewards?

In Phase 1, testers/users who sign up for the beta test airdrop between day 1 and day 30 of the beta test period and complete the requirements listed, will earn a flat 15,000 ALX tokens AND will continue to earn ALX tokens as described in Phase 2. Note that the ALX token totals show in … Continued

How do I become a beta tester and how do I get my ALX tokens?

Complete the form at https://algebraix.io/beta You will receive an email within 24 hours with instructions to install ALX on your mobile device. Testers will be required to follow us on Telegram or Twitter (which is how we dispense support) and complete all in-app surveys to earn airdrop tokens.

How is the Beta Test organized?

Sadly, the Beta software is not available to International iOS users. Aside from that, the Beta Test has two phases: In phase 1 participants are rewarded with an Airdrop of 15,000 ALX. Phase 1 ends April 13th. Phase 2 then commences. To participate in our beta tester airdrop you need: A Telegram account – so … Continued