What are the rewards?

In Phase 1, testers/users who sign up for the beta test airdrop between day 1 and day 30 of the beta test period and complete the requirements listed, will earn a flat 15,000 ALX tokens AND will continue to earn ALX tokens as described in Phase 2.

Note that the ALX token totals show in the application during Phase 1 are test information and do not reflect the amount of ALX that will be deposited in your wallet at the end of the beta testing period. At the end of Phase 1, the total ALX tokens shown in the application will be reset to 15,000 ALX in preparation for Phase 2.

In Phase 2, users who continue to participate in the beta test after Phase 1 and new users who sign up for the airdrop between day 31 and the end of the beta test period will earn the ALX tokens payouts indicated for each in-app activity they complete, until Phase 2 of the beta ends.