What is ALX?

ALX is an ad network that pays members.

ALX is a permission-based advertising platform, fueled by the ALX token.
It empowers individuals with control of their personal data and puts
revenue where it belongs: into the wallets of consumers.

ALX is a secure data sovereignty solution.

Your personal information is extremely valuable. ALX was built
with GDPR in mind for every member, in every country.
It secures and gives you control over your personal data.

ALX is a cryptocurrency

You should be paid when you decide to view ads. You could be earning
ALX right now for doing the things you already do online, like
watching movie trailers,listening to music, learning about
upcoming events, and much more.

What we believe.

It's time to end data exploitation

Your personal data has value, and it belongs to you

If your data gets used, you get paid

In the sovereignty of the individual

Independence is better than dependence

Getting permission is better than interrupting

Cryptocurrency should be easy to use

You can build better consumer relationships through trust

Innovators should never stop innovating

Government's job is to protect individual rights

How it works.

Marketers populate content on the ALX network,
tell us about the prospects they’d like to reach and set a budget.

With permission from qualified prospects,
ALX delivers marketer’s content across its distributed network.

Prospects that interact with content are
instantly rewarded by marketers with ALX Tokens.

Marketers receive anonymized analytics
that account for meaningful customer engagements.